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PNG Domestic/Residential

PNG Domestic/Residential

In order to apply for a new SGL Gas PNG Domestic connection, please fill in the application form available at SGL’s Customer Care Centres. Any two nos. of below listed documents can be produced along with the Application form :

  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Society Receipt
  • Flat Agreement
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Election Card
  • Sales Deed
  • LPG Pass Book Copy
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card

Connection Charges – Rate List (For Residential Connection)

Sr. No. Description New ICC amount (Scheme 1) New ICC amount (Scheme 2)
(Full payment Scheme) (Instalment Scheme)
1 Processing fee (Stamp duty of Rs. 300.00+ Rs. 54.00 GST : Non refundable) Rs. 354 Rs. 354
2 Gas security deposit (Interest free refundable) Rs. 500 Rs. 500
3 Deposit (Interest free refundable) Rs. 6000 Rs. 1000
4 Deposit in 10 instalments along with bimonthly bill (Interest free refundable) N / A Rs. 5000

Total Rs. 6854 Rs. 6854

The refund security deposit of Rs. 5000 is divided into 10 installments of Rs. 500 each, the same shall be collected over 10 billing cycles.

  • “One connection would mean One home, One kitchen” Above rate is for one connection of kitchen point with one regulator and one meter, for Bungalows/ Row Houses - unlimited open cut MDPE pipe and 15 meter of GI is free. For apartments and flats 7 meter of GI pipe is free.
  • Equipment(s) used in PNG connection like pipe, valve, meter, regulator etc. will be owned by company where customer has to care this property as a custodian. Accordingly, upon surrender of gas connection, if any, by the customer, SGL shall take back these equipments from the customer premises.
  • Additional MDPE pipe through boring beyond 5 mtr in a bungalow will be charged extra and same will be non-refundable.
  • You can also pay bills by cash only at nearby computerized post office.

Details of other charges of Gas connection

Sr. No. Description Rates
1 Extra Kitchen Point Rs. 1250/- * (5 meter of GI pipe is non-chargeable exceeding which extra material will be charged @ Rs. 225/*- meter)
2 Gas Geyser Point Rs. 2500/- * (10 meter of GI pipe is non-chargeable exceeding which extra material will be charged @ Rs. 225/-* meter)
3 Extra GI Pipe Charges Rs. 225/- * meter
4 Extra MDPE pipe (Underground moling) Rs. 540/- * meter
5 Temporary Disconnection (TD+RC) Charges Rs. 350/- * (9 Months), Rs. 475/-* (12 Months) Rs. 700/- * (18 Months), Rs. 950/-* (24 Months)
6 Reconnection Charges Rs. 150/- * (For old Temporary Disconnection Customers who applied before 01-04-2020)
7 Name transfer Charges Rs. 200/- *
8 Annual Admin Charges Rs. 150/- *
9 Bi monthly minimum bill charges 5 SCM * Gas Price (Without Tax)
10 Cheque bounce charges Rs. 250/- *
11 Permanent Disconnection Rs. 100/-* plus dismantling charges of equipments
12 TD and Dismantling Job Rs. 100/- * plus Rs. 500/-*
13 Reconnection and re-assemble Job Rs. 150/- * plus Rs. 500/-*
14 Alteration / Modification Rs. 1000/-*
15 Builder TD Charges Rs. 350/-* (1 Year)

* Applicable taxes shall be extra payable by customer. Same are subject to change as per government rules.

  • Change of nozzle for Regular stove with 2 burner is included as per above table. Change of nozzle for irregular or own type of burner is not included in above table and same is to be changed by customer at his cost.
  • Any kind of additional changes in Gas connection will be charged additionally and these changes have to be done through SGL only.
  • Sabarmati Gas Ltd. is fully authorized to make any kind of changes in this tariff card without any prior intimation.
  • Gas connection will be provided based on technical suitability at customer premises. SGL’s decision in this matter shall be final.
  • Billing will start as soon as Gas is supplied to the customer.
  • Customer shall have to pay full amount of used gas bill and any other applicable charges.
  • Maximum 3 points (Chargeable) can be given over and above 1 point to every home i.e. 1 point for kitchen and 2 for geyser.
  • Gas connection work shall start after booking (Registration) of Gas connection. If customer wants permanent disconnection during the gas connection work then it can be done after receiving the charges of Gas pipe line (Underground/ over ground) and other equipment(s).
  • Gas connection will start only after payment of additional work.
  • Details of Bill and Payment.
    • Your bill will be generated every two months.
    • You can pay your bill at our customer care centre office during the below mention time.
    • Monday to Saturday 9:30 am to 01:30 pm. All credit cards and debit cards are accepted.
    • You can also pay bills by cash only at your nearest computerized post office. Online payment facility is also available at
    • You can pay your gas bill via Cheque, Cash, and Demand draft at our Customer Care Center Office.
    • You have to pay your bill before due date mentioned in bill.
    • If you do not pay the bill before due date then Rs. 75/- penalty will be charged after 21 days of bill generation and Rs. 150/- penalty will be charged after 30 days of bill generation.
    • Sabarmati Gas Ltd can stop the PNG supply without any prior notice if customer has not paid two billing cycle gas bill payment. Also customer has to pay applicable penalties, additional security deposit and outstanding amount if he/she wishes to reconnect after forced disconnection.
    • # All rates/applicable penalties mentioned above are subject to change at the sole discretion of SGL.

* Refund of ICC will be applicable if gas connection is found technically infeasible. SGL’s decision in this matter shall be final.

* Necessary documents have to be provided with the application.

*Additional kitchen point of gas connection can be given as per the rules of the company at extra cost as mentioned above.

* Gas connection of bathroom can be given as per the rules of the company. It is necessary to have air circulation or cross ventilation to avail Bathroom gas connection. It is customer’s responsibility to arrange cross ventilation or air circulation if it is not available.

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