Compressed Natural Gas


CNG is perhaps the safest fuel as it lighter than air.

In the case of leakage the gas dissipates upwards quite quickly and it prevents any major mishap.
However, the CNG kits  require regular maintenance drive.


Our safety is in our hand. Though CNG is one of the safest fuels, it we need to check the safety parameters carefully and should follow the set safety standards.

  • In case of leakage in fuel system, vehicle shall not be parked within 6 meter of any source of ignition or fire
  • In case of vehicles undergoing repairs involving welding, or heat application to any part, the cylinder should be emptied first
  • Supplier’s kit manual should be observed and carefully examined.
  • Always use CNG cylinder by authorized company. Do install a LPG, Propane or any other cylinder in place of a CNG cylinder. It is not only illegal but also dangerous to life and may lead to fatal incidents.
  • Users of CNG kit must study the manual given and should know about the system. It is necessary to reduce casualties and damages during any fire breakdown.
  • The CNG kit installed in the vehicle should be insured along with vehicle accessories
  • As per present government regulation the pollution checks and a pollution certificate is mandatory even after converting the vehicle on CNG
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