Compressed Natural Gas

Do's & Don'ts

What You Should Do What You Should not Do
Get the CNG cylinder checked every three (3) years from the date of last testing / retesting of cylinder by government authorized CNG cylinder testing agency.Do not change/modify the configuration, settings or the components from CNG system.
Switch "OFF" engine while fuel filling.The CNG cylinder should not be repaired under any circumstances, in case of any problem, consult with authorized workshop.
Apply Handbrakes while fuel filling.Do not adjust setting of CNG system.
After refueling CNG or Petrol, ensure that the fuel filler lid is closed.Never install LPG or any other gas cylinder in place of CNG cylinder.
Avoid carrying inflammable material near the CNG cylinder.
Do not fill any other type of gas other than CNG.
Do not place any luggage or load over cylinder as it may damage the cylinder pipe, hose, valve etc.
Do not change the colour of CNG cylinder
No oil or similar lubricant should be used on the valves or other fittings of CNG cylinders.
Never remove the cylinder valve from the cylinder assembly. Do not use the cylinder valve, once it is replaced / removed from the cylinder assembly.
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