Compressed Natural Gas

Tips to help CNG Cars Last Longer

Cars are designed to run on petrol, so it takes a bit of caution and care to keep your CNG car healthy. Here’s how:

Start Driving on Petrol

Start your car on petrol, Don’t switch to CNG — even if your kit allows you to — for at least one kilometer. This helps lubricate the engine, and reduce wear-and-tear.

Get CNG tuning done by a Specialist

Always get the CNG kit tuned by a specialist. If your car has a factory fitted CNG kit, go to the authorized service center. At the hands of unqualified mechanics, your CNG car could have problems like increased engine vibration, irregular acceleration (missing), etc.

Replace Spark Plugs

Spark plugs meant for petrol vehicles wear out fast when driving on CNG. There are two ways you can combat this issue: either use special spark plugs meant for CNG cars or you could request your mechanic to reduce the gap between the metallic tip of your plug and the actual source of spark

CNG Leak

In case of any symptom of CNG leakage or releasing noise or any external damage to CNG piping or during accident, do not panic. Stop the vehicle and switch off the engine, roll down the windows and open all the doors. Ensure to close manual shut off valve on cylinder. Do not run vehicle even in petrol. Contact authorized workshop immediately for further assistance.

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