Know Your Product

Specifications of Natural Gas

Gross Heating Value of Gas

The Gas offered at the Delivery Point shall have a Gross Heating Value in a gaseous state in the range of one thousand and fifty (1050) BTU’s per Standard Cubic Foot (approximately equal to 9,340 kilo calories per Standard Cubic Meter) to one thousand one hundred and seventy (1170) BTU’s per Standard Cubic Foot (approximately equal to 10,420 kilo calories per Standard Cubic Meter).

Composition of Gas

Methane (C1)not less than 85 Mol %
Ethane (C2)not more than 9.2 Mol %
Propane (C3)not more than 3.00 Mol %
Butanes (C4) and heaviernot more than 2.00 Mol %
Pentanes (C5)and heaviernot more than 0.25 Mol %
Nitrogen (N2)not more than 1.25 Mol %
Oxygen (O2)not more than 0.5 Mol %
Total Non Hydrocarbonsnot more than 2.0 Mol %
Total Sulphur including H2Snot more than 10 ppm by weight expected H2S content not more than 4ppm by volume.
Impurities **Gas shall be reasonably free from dust (max size 5 microns), gum forming constituents and other deleterious solid and/or liquid matter which will cause damage to or interfere with the Operations of Gas Transporter’s Facilities.
Water contentNot more than 112 Kg/MMSCM
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