Compressed Natural Gas


CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is considered as the safest and greenest fuel. There are many benefits of using CNG.

Environmental Benefits

  • CNG does not have impurities, Sulphur (S) or Lead (Pb)
  • It has very low levels of polluting gaseous emissions
  • It’s molecular structure compactness prevents the reactive processes which lead to the formation of Ozone (O3) in the troposphere.

Safety Benefits

  • CNG is lighter than air and hence disperses quickly without any dangerous accumulation
  • CNG is unlikely to auto-ignite on hot surfaces, due to high auto-ignition temperature (540 °C)
  • It has narrow range of flammability (5%-15%), it means that if CNG concentration in the air is below 5% or above 15%, it will not burn.

Economical Benefits

  • CNG is "pocket” friendly gas. It is cheaper to any conventional fuel
  • CNG enhances the mileage of vehicle

Technical Benefits

  • CNG allows greater performance compared to petrol because of very high antiknock power (more than 120 ON)
  • It has no evaporation leaks and spills of fuel, both during refueling and feeding of the car.
  • Its combustion produces a very low quantity of carbon deposits (permits a longer life of lubricant oil, spark plug, piston drum, valves & other components)
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