Compressed Natural Gas


CNG is not only the most environment friendly fuel; it also gels with any kind of motor vehicle too. CNG kit can be installed on any four wheelers.

CNG Kit is an assembly of many components required to run existing vehicle. There are various types of kit available in the market but the few basic components which are common in all type of kits irrespective of the vehicles are storage cylinder, high pressure tube pressure regulator, pressure gauge, change over switch, high pressure tube/fittings, refueling receptacle and air fuel mixer.

Following is the list of major components of a CNG kit

  • Pressure Regulator
  • Petrol Solenoid Valve with manual override switch. (It stops petrol flow when operating on CNG)
  • On-Off valve and refueling connector. (It opens or stops gas flow to the regulator and includes a refueling device)
  • Control Module/Change-over Switch (It is an electronic control component with fuel selection switch)
  • CNG level Indicator (LED Indicator)
  • Gas Air Mixer
  • CNG cylinder with valve, vapor bag & bracket
  • Petrol hose
  • Low-pressure gas hose
  • Ignition advance processor
  • High pressure gas tube
  • Wire harness
  • NRV in petrol return line
  • Pressure gauge
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