Message from M.D.

Message from M.D.

Message from M.D.

It gives me great pleasure to contribute to the SGL website, SGL is a young Company, manned by young and enthusiastic workforce. CGD Business itself has acquired prominence in the Indian Economy, just a decade and a half back and in that sense, CGD Business Development is in its nascent stage.

There is an Old saying

You are as young as your Faith
You are as Old as your Doubt
You are as young as your self-confidence
You are as Old as your Fear
You are as young as your Hope
You are as Old as your Despair

We, at SGL, are constantly engaged in enhancing your faith, boosting your self-confidence, augmenting your hope with a view to provide Excellent Services to our valued customers and ensure regular and reliable supplies of Gas all around.

SGL being a customer-centric organization strives to achieve hundred percent customer satisfactions, at all times. We, at SGL, firmly believe that Service is an impression we plant with our customers, which when cared for properly, will bear fruits of Good fortune.

Each member at SGL is constantly and energetically endeavoring to serve the customers, enthusiastically learn more about the customer / business and perpetually achieve higher growth towards Customer Satisfaction / Business.

With Best Wishes

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