Domestic / Residential

Some of the Precautions needed for daily usage of GAS .

  • Ensure that there is no gas leakage (smell),before igniting the cooking appliances,
  • Rubber hose must be in good condition and it must properly fixed to cooking appliance and appliance valve
  • Perform the operation in series as mentioned here: Gas tap first, then the knob of the cooking appliance and ignite the burner immediately.
  • Hot utensils or hot items must not touch the rubber hose of gas stove
  • Once cooked close the gas tap.

Safeguard for Domestic PNG installations

  • Hanging of any items on the gas pipeline should be avoided.
  • Make sure that any work in the vicinity doesn't get hit or damaged gas pipelines
  • Do not obscure the GI pipeline, Meter, Regulator or Appliance Valve in the wall / furniture
  • Use of rubber hose up to a length of one meter is advisable as it ensure your safety
  • Installation of electric / telephone wires / cables very close to gas line should not be practiced.
  • Excavation of the soil above the pipeline laid underground in your premises should be avoided.
  • Check proper water line plumbing for gas geyser connection
  • Approach SGL for guidance in case of alteration installation.
  • Use of domestic connection for commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. Appropriate legal action will be taken by the company in case such connections are identified.
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